Cemetery Maps

Here are the maps to the cemetery's gardens and sections. The sections are marked with metal pins in the grass and can sometimes be hard to find, but if the grave has a marker the location should get you close enough without needing to use find the pins. 

The easiest way to find a specific grave is to use the row numbers; they're in the Burial Book (linked here) and are on stakes (by 5s)  alongside the roads.

NATURAL BURIAL AREAS - Opening now along the North edge of the developed cemetery area. alongside David and Cedars.

  • The Memorial Forest Edgerow (North David, along Fir Trees) - Full body burial graves, sequential, forest hedgerow burial (Plants on top of graves)
  • The Fern Forest - natural cremation burials inside the New Forest
  • The Birch Grove (North Cedars) - natural cremation burials with Marble Upright headstones