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A Century and a Half of History in Junction City, Oregon


Wade Skinner and The Team
Wade Skinner's team carries a casket in procession to Rest Lawn in 2007

Rest Lawn Memorial Park is a 14.35 acre cemetery, located 4.5 miles west of Junction City, Oregon, one half mile north of High Pass Road on Territorial Highway, just southwest of Cox Butte. The first burial was in 1868, with 145 individuals interred there prior to 1900. For much of the 1900's the cemetery was owned and operated by the Independent Order of Odd Fellows (IOOF), Oasis Lodge #42 of Junction City.


The cemetery has had a number of names over the years, including the Barrow Cemetery, the Bear Creek Cemetery, Cox Butte Cemetery, IOOF Junction City Cemetery, Long Tom Cemetery, Mahon Cemetery, and Oasis Lodge #42 IOOF Cemetery. In the mid to late 1960's, the cemetery became privately owned and the name was changed to Rest Lawn Memorial Park.

The cemetery is currently privately owned, changing hands in 2014 to the stewardship of Permaculture advocate Cynthia Beal, a resident of Lane County since 1989, who has a personal passion for gardening and sustainable agriculture, and is bringing a range of natural burial options for both cremated and full-body remains. A final name change is being contemplated - perhaps a return to the Cox Butte Cemetery name, in keeping with geographical history of the place - is in the cemetery's future. 

As of 2014, the Cemetery management has elected to transition the grounds to more sustainable landscape management practices. The use of chemical poisons has been almost entirely eliminated, and the cemetery has been trialing many alternative less-toxic forms of vegetation management. Mowing is done on a strict regimen, ensuring maximum efficiency of personnel and fuel. The cemetery composts its flower tributes, rather than throwing them away; its branches and clippings are composted on site rather than hauled; its extra soil from graves is spread into new terraces, beds and berms; new hedgerows for wildlife and boundary management are being created; and irrigation is now being managed with stronger conservation principles in mind.


Currently, approximately half of the 14.35 acres is developed into five separate gardens for adult burial, along with a section specifically for infants, as well as several areas restricted to cremation burials and a few private family estates.

New conventional burial rights are available in Arbors, Bethany, Cedars, and David for full body burials (including natural ones), and there are cremated remains areas in various sections throughout the cemetery.

The other half of the acreage - an overgrown Christmas tree farm - is now being prepared exclusively for natural burials; the fir trees have been thinned, the natural grove of birch trees has room to expand, and Hugelkultur terraces to hold future cremated remains burials are being built down the newly cleared hillside. With the opening of these additional sections in the future, our families can be assured of having burial sites available for many decades to come.


A wide variety of markers, vaults, and other cemetery merchandise is available. All first interment rights are now required to have some form of permanent marker to ensure that in future decades and centuries cemetery staff know which grave spaces have been used. A minimal marker at below normal margins is available, as are a variety of other memorials that we design together in remembrance of a loved one.

Visiting ancestral graves can be an important activity for children, and memorials make that connection with the past more tangible. Markers can be chosen and installed after the burial or before; they can also be restored or replaced. Proceeds from our marker sales go to supplement cemetery maintenance and habitat building. Please contact us directly for details.


Unlike most rural, historic cemeteries, Rest Lawn Memorial Park is an "Endowment Care Cemetery," meaning that a percentage of the proceeds from each interment right that is sold are placed in an irreducible care fund.  Only the interest from this fund can ever be used, assuring client families that the cemetery will always be maintained and help ensure that it will not fall into a state of abandonment.


In keeping with its historical culture, where simple wood coffins were placed directly in the earth, without the use of concrete vaults or liners, Rest Lawn Memorial Park has opened the park up for vault-free, "natural earth interments" (sometimes referred to as "green burial" or "natural burial") and clients are no longer be required to purchase an "Outer Burial Container" when a biodegradable coffin is used and natural burial protocols are followed.  (See Natural Burials link for more information).

Natural burials are welcomed throughout the cemetery, in any garden or grave. While the cemetery continues to offer the traditional casket-and-vault burials, the new natural options  - no embalming; no vault or outer burial container; use of a biodegradable coffin or shroud - are encouraged.

You can purchase biodegradable coffins directly from the Natural Burial Company, run by Cynthia Beal and based in Eugene. To learn more about having a natural burial here, or to become involved in our volunteer habitat gardeners team, contact us by phone or email at the cemetery. We'd love to talk to you!


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Monday, May 31, 2021 --- 10:00 am

 Each year, the cemetery invites the community to join it for a public Memorial Day Service honoring Veterans. It's always on the Monday holiday, at 10:00 am. The American Legion of Junction City puts out the flags annually and conducts the ceremony with the assistance of Cemetery Management.

This is an outdoor and open venue. There is no mask requirement. We celebrate the men and women who died so we would have freedoms to choose. Exercise your own discretion. 




A PDF of the Cemetery's Rules and Regulations may be found here:

We've done our best to identify the things that are important to create and maintain a respectful, sacred cemetery space that can serve families for generations to come. A copy of the Cemetery's Rules, spelling out the elements we think are important to accomplish that, are available during normal office hours. Please don't hesitate to ask us for further clarification, and thank you in advance for adhering to our rules and helping us to keep Rest Lawn Memorial Park one of the loveliest and most peaceful cemeteries in Lane County.   



The cemetery is licensed by the Oregon Mortuary and Cemetery Board and is also registered with the Oregon State Dept. of Consumer and Business Services to sell trust-funded pre-arrangement plans.