Rest Lawn Memorial Park in Junction City, Oregon


Wade Skinner and The Team
Wade Skinner's horse-drawn wagon and casket at Rest Lawn

Rest Lawn Memorial Park is a 14.35 acre cemetery, located 4.5 miles west of Junction City, Oregon, one half mile north of High Pass Road on Territorial Highway, just soutwest of Cox Butte. The first burial was in 1868, although only 145 individuals were interred there prior to 1900. For much of the 1900's the cemetery was owned and operated by the Independent Order of Odd Fellows (IOOF), Oasis Lodge #42 of Junction City.


The cemetery has had a number of names over the years, including the Barrow Cemetery, the Bear Creek Cemetery, Cox Butte Cemetery, IOOF Junction City Cemetery, Long Tom Cemetery, Mahon Cemetery, and Oasis Lo9dge #42 IOOF Cemetery. In the mid to late 1960's, the cemetery became privately owned and the name was changed to Rest Lawn Memorial Park. The cemetery is still privately owned, and is in the process of adding a range of natural burial options for both cremated and full-body remains.


Currently, approximately half of the 14.35 acres is developed into five separate gardens for adult burial, along with a section specifically for infants, as well as an area that is restricted to cremation burials. The other half of the acreage is undeveloped; it's currently in semi-mature Doug Fir, with a small birch grove, and the cemetery is expanding into the forest with natural burial options that will become available starting in 2015.


Unlike most rural, historic cemeteries, Rest Lawn Memorial Park has functioned as an Endowment Care Cemetery since the early 1970's, meaning that a percentage of the proceeds from each interment right that is sold are placed in an irreducible care fund. Only the interest from this fund can ever be used, assuring client families that Rest Lawn will always be well maintained with the interest available from the funds.

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The view from the front of the cemetery, along North Territorial Road

The cemetery is licensed by the Oregon Mortuary and Cemetery Board and is also registered with the Oregon State Dept. of Consumer and Business Services to sell trust-funded pre-arrangement plans. Although far from busy roadways, Rest Lawn Memorial Park can be easily accessed from either Corvallis or the Eugene area (see Directions - LINK HERE)


In keeping with its historical culture, where simple wood coffins were placed directly in the earth, without the use of concrete vaults or liners, Rest Lawn Memorial Park has opened the park up for vault-free, "natural earth interments" (sometimes referred to as "green burial" or "natural burial") and clients are no longer be required to purchase an "Outer Burial Container".  (See Natural Burials link for more information).

Cynthia Beal, founder of the Natural Burial Company, is now advising Rest Lawn Memorial Park on its natural burial program. The cemetery continues to offer the traditional casket-and-vault burials but is making new natural options available. To learn more about natural burial here, or to become involved in our volunteer habitat builders team, contact us by phone at the cemetery. We'd love to talk to you!


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Natural Burial at Rest Lawn Memorial Park



natural burial at rest lawn
Natural Earth Burials at Rest Lawn

Over a century ago, Rest Lawn's very first graves - back when it was the old Cox Butte Cemetery or during its stint under the OddFellows and Masons - were natural; no vaults, mason-made markers, and simple wooden coffins. Inspired by the natural burial movement spreading throughout existing cemeteries in the UK and the US, Rest Lawn is working with the Natural Burial Company to recreate that pioneer tradition once more, but with a modern twist. 

A natural burial returns the body directly to the earth, usually unembalmed, and in a biodegradable coffin or shroud. Vaults or grave-liners are not required if a natural container is used. (see

Additional grave opening and maintenance fees are required with natural burials, but an outer burial container is not. Even with these additional fees, the cost of a natural burial (excluding funeral director fees and coffin costs, which vary widely) can be lower than a burial that requires even the least expensive outer burial container. 

A funeral director is NOT required at this cemetery, although a home funeral guide or someone experienced in the process and acting as the legal funeral director in charge of the disposition must participate.


Contact our office to arrange a tour and discuss pre-arrangements for a natural burial at Rest Lawn. 

Visit the Natural Burial Company's website - -- to see unique biodegradable coffins made from willow, seagrass and recycled newspaper, suitable for natural burial at Rest Lawn.

Natural funerals - without embalming, with the coffin or shroud placed directly into the earth - are becoming increasingly popular. Below, Wade Skinner and his team of draft horses delivers the casket for a funeral conducted at Rest Lawn.


Grave Pricing at Rest Lawn in Junction City

Download the price list for current pricing on some of our more common products and services. Call 541-998-5810 today to learn more about our beautiful grounds overlooking the Willamette Valley.


Memorial Day at Rest Lawn Memorial Park in Junction City, Oregon
Every year on Memorial Day, Rest Lawn Memorial Park and the Junction City American Legion Post #61 hold a service at 10:00 AM to honor the over 1.8 million servicemen and women who throughout our Nation's history have answered the call and made the ultimate sacrifice to secure the freedoms we enjoy today.

FULL BODY BURIAL - Casket, biodegradable coffin, or shroud and board -- Interment rights for full-body burial may be purchased throughout the cemetery.  The right to inter casketed remains ranges from $1,295.00 - 1,795.00; Family and group plots are available.  Second and supplemental rights to inter cremated remains are also available to interment rights holders. 

CREMATION (URN) BURIAL - Biodegradable urn or ashes bag, Permanent burial urn, or direct earth

Rest Lawn has areas in the cemetery that are designed specifically for interment of cremated remains, with unique opportunities for physical remembrance in stone and landscape. Prices in our natural cremation garden areas for both people and pets vary based on location, memorials, plantings, and whether or not custom statuary or other remembrance sculpture is desired.

SECOND RIGHTS  -  Cremated remains may always be interred in full-size (casket) grave spaces; however, if the grave space was previously purchased and another interment has already taken place or will be taking place in the future, an additional $450.00 charge is assessed for each second or supplemental right of interment. Up to 4 cremation interment rights are available in a full-size space if the burials are natural.

We display - and encourage - the use of the Natural Burial Company's biodegradable urns in our cremation interments. No outer burial containers are required.

Download the price list for current pricing on some of our more common products and services.


Rest Lawn Memorial Park sells interment rights - the "right to bury a human body or cremated remains" - not ground. Clients sometimes misunderstand this, thinking they "own" the grave's property and can bury as many remains in it as they wish, or do what they want on the surface.  However, Rest Lawn (like most other cemeteries) does not sell "property".  Rather, we sell "Interment Rights" (i.e. the right to inter someone in a designated space within our cemetery).  There is a charge for each human remains that we are asked to inter; keep records for; and take perpetual liability for.


  • Rest Lawn Memorial Park is an "Endowment Care Cemetery" and contributes 15% of the sale price of every interment right to an irreducible endowment fund to provide for the future care of the cemetery.
  • Rest Lawn Memorial Park offers payment plans with no finance charges for up to 24 months, with as little as 20% down and a 100.00/month minimum payment.
  • Infant spaces are available in a variety of locations.  
  • Biodegradable urns and caskets are encouraged. See the Natural Burial Company's online gallery for coffin and urn ideas (
  • Unless the burial is a natural one utilizing a biodegradable urn, only permanent cast bronze, stone, or cultured marble urns may be interred directly in the earth.  All other urns or containers made of non-natural materials must be interred in an urn vault.  

Upright monuments are welcomed on many adult graves in the cemetery.

Rest Lawn on Memorial Day


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Flags on Memorial Day at Rest Lawn
Visiting Hours: the cemetery is open to visitors with family or friends interred here from dawn to dusk.
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Ownership and Staff:

  • Owner: DKN Properties, Inc. 
  • Cemetery Manager: Cynthia Beal
  • Family Service Counselor: Don Dove
  • Grounds Manager - Andrew Carey
  • Family Service Administrator: Andrea Proett
  • Living Cemetery Intern: Matt Giffen


Licenses and Permits:   

  • Certified by State of Oregon Dept. of Consumer and Business Services as a Certified Provider of Pre-arranged Cemetery Services and Merchandise.
  • Certificate to Operate a Cemetery Issued by State of Oregon Mortuary and Cemetery Board
  • Member: Cemetery Association of Oregon